10 ways you're damaging your hair

What woman isn’t keen to get healthy, vibrant and beautiful hair? Yet in pursuit of this goal, we often risk undermining the natural look and health of our hair, especially when we do not fully understand the consequences of applying different products.

Use the checklist below to avoid the most serious mistakes that can cost you your beautiful and healthy hair.

10 common hair care mistakes to avoid

Using wrong-textured pillowcases and linen

The best types of fabric to keep your hair protected during the night are smooth, soft ones like satin or silk. Rough cotton tends to strangle and break the hair when you are sleeping.   

Not undoing your hair before going to bed

It is highly recommended to let your hair hang loose during your sleep. Ponytails and braids are not the best solution. If you are uncomfortable sleeping with your hair loose, you can use a soft scrunchie or bandana.  

Being too fond of dry shampoos

The golden rule is to minimize the number of times you use this product. Dry shampoos do little good for your hair and tend to weaken the hair follicles.


Remember the last time you dried your hair with a towel energetically? Well, you should not do this any longer. Rather, stroke it gently with a smooth cloth a few times to absorb the water.

Brushing wet hair

Avoid this if you can. If you must brush your hair while it is still wet, remember to use a wide-toothed comb. 

Not brushing the ends first

The hair strands get tangled all the time. To brush the hair easily (and less painfully), brush the ends first. That way you will not have to pull the entire strand.

Not protecting your hair from high temperatures

Hair dryers and flat irons may be indispensable for most women but it is essential to safeguard your hair against the negative effects they produce. Always apply hair care products that protect from the heat.

Doing your hair the same way every day

If you frequently wrap your hair in a ponytail, it remembers the curve and might get weaker. Try changing the height of the ponytail from time to time or do your hair differently.  

Daily blow-drying

High temperatures weaken the hair and make it less shiny over time. Consider not styling the hair every day to expose it to the heat less frequently.

Bleaching far too often

No one likes darkening roots but the price you have to pay for frequent bleaching is weak hair. Allow more time between the sessions.