4 Easy Steps to GREAT Hair Photos

In order to take a hair photo of the highest quality, get acquainted with this small 4-step guide we have created for you. Whether using a mobile phone or digital camera, these tips will assist you in everything.


Few people realize it but before taking a photo is as significant as after doing this. It is necessary to make sure that photos do not raise any flags in order to learn whether the same people are in the photos or not. The before photo should be taken with the same attention as the after. Both photos ought to be signed at the same place and the photo of the head should be taken the same way. One more thing which should be taken into account is your customer’s clothes. If a robe is worn in the before photo, it should be worn in the after one as well. The similar rule works if the customers wear clothes which they came in with.   


In order to take a photo of your customer, use the best lighting possible. The photo can be made or broken depending on the lighting conditions when it is done in or outside the salon. Your hair can look ashier or warmer than it is in reality with some indoor lights.  In order to make the best lighting options available, take a few photos. Make every photo as accurate and clear as possible. Find one or two spots which are most suitable for your work.


An excellent hair photo should be exclusively focused on the hair. It is ideal to use a textured background or clean blank. Try void taking photos which include styling tools, products or other miscellaneous items. These things in the photos can clutter or distract the main photo focus.


In some cases, the one thing which has a potential to prevent a photo from being excellent is making a focus. Make sure the appropriate focus is chosen for our photos. Everybody knows that a day in the salon can be chaotic trying to serve from one customer to another. However, remember that there is always an opportunity to show your work to every customer. After one, three or more working hours you do not wish to get a blurry photo. It is recommended to take a few extra minutes and get the best photo possible in practice!