4 steps how to prepare your hair for bleaching

1. Make your hair healthy. As it is known bleaching is the most damaging methods of coloring. So if you want your hair to remain relatively strong, do not dye several months before bleaching. It will help your hair to overcome the tough bleaching process easier, since it hasn’t been processed before. Buy and use only natural shampoo and conditioner. Read labels in order not to buy products that contain alcohol, sulfates and other chemicals that can make your hair drier. Try not to use hair drier. If you have to do it, use a heat-protecting product to your hair.

2. Choose bleach powder. At this stage you have to decide what shade you want to have, after this you should address to a local beauty shop. They usually sell bleach powder in packets or tubs. If you plant to bleach your hair several times and you want to save your money, then it will be more cost-effective to buy a big tube. You will also need a tint brush with a bowl and plastic wrap. You should also purchase red gold corrector, if your hair is very dark. It will prevent you from bleaching your hair twice. You will have to buy 2 tubes of corrector, if your hair is long and thick.

3. Buy a developer. Developers have different levels from 10 to 40. If you have fair or light brown hair is, buy a 20 or 30 volume developer. If you have very dark hair, buy a 40 volume developer. It’s recommended to avoid using it, as it is very damaging. If you have to do this as your hair is black, then leave this task to a professional. Remember, the lower the volume, the less damaging it is to your hair. If you don’t know what strength to choose for your hair, buy a 20 volume developer.

4. Buy permanent hair toner. If your aim is platinum blond, you should buy toner. It will help to take the yellow color out of just-bleached hair. Toners are also different. Some of them make hair white, others provide hair with golden shade or a silvery effect. If you doubt what toner to buy, consult a shop assistant at the beauty store.