5 Simple Post-Colour Haircare Tips

Any hair dye has an alkaline medium that penetrates the hair structure and changes it. Remains of this alkali remain on the hair and scalp for a long time (more than a month) and all this time continues to destroy the hair from the inside.

Therefore it is very important to follow the recommendations immediately after staining:

- Wash the hair immediately after using the hair dye must pass a special shampoo and conditioner that neutralize the alkali in the hair and scalp, while still close the cuticle of the hair, thereby fixing the color.

- Try not to wash your hair for two days, so that the paint is fixed in the structure of the hair.

- Immediately after staining, it is not advisable to visit the pool.

- You can not immediately straighten hair with iron or curl after painting, because exposure to high temperatures, very detrimental to newly dyed hair, further damaging it.

- Bond Angel can be easily combined with salon services to protect your hair.