7 Clients: Before Your Consultation

Take it slow

How often do you engage in prolonged conversations with your customer which involved professional consultation and even some personal advice? And that’s even before you begin working on her hair or providing some other beauty service. That may sound tedious but what it really does is that it changes his or her perception of you, from being just a service provider to being the true master of the craft who goes above and beyond to satisfy the customer. Take note of the fact that if you devote just extra 3 to 5 minutes to heeding the needs of your client, particularly the need for an intelligent interlocutor, the amount of tips they give you will grow exponentially. The client always appreciated the genuine attention to detail and display of professionalism, and that’s the standard of service provision we should all aspire to achieve.

Showcase your knowledge of the product

The comprehensive knowledge of product’s features serves as a definite proof of your competence as well as the superiority of professional care products over the ones bought over the counter, and the professional services over the domiciliary treatment. Share this knowledge with the customer during the consultations, so that he or she will be capable of finding the helpful and practical solutions to minor issues related to the looks on their own. If you ignore this part, rest assured that she will try to cure dandruff with coconut oil just because she believes everything that’s written in the women’s magazines.