7 Ways to Style Hair to Give the Illusion of Thickness

People who have hair loss or thinning usually come to a beauty salon with the hope to make their hair look thick and voluminous. They may think nothing can help the situation, but in this case, they will be wrong. The first step to good-looking hair is applying for extensions.

According to an extension expert, Nikki Lee, it’s critical to be good at both coloring and cutting. But, for example, if cutting is not your strong point, let another specialist do this part of work. As a result of such cooperation, you are unlikely to see a disappointed client who will say that he/she dislikes his/her haircut or extension.

If your client suffers from hair loss, you’d better recommend them to have a blunt style haircut. Thanks to this trick, their hair will get a thick line which will create an effect of volume.

As their hair is already at risk, pay a lot of attention to integrity during styling. Use such volumizing products like root lifter spray, lightweight mousse or hair thickening serum. Alex Brown advises to blow dry with a wooden, boar bristle round brush using a low heat setting. In the famous celebrity stylist’s point of view, this will provide hair with volume.

Use all hair styling tools on low heat settings and do not forget about applying heat protection products before ironing or curling.

When you dry hair, use finishing powder to make a new hairstyle more texturized.

Another extension expert Saretta Bowerman says that a hairstylist should use their fingers or a comb to make hair fluffier.
At the end of the procedure, use root touch-up concealing powder. Use the product for the areas that require more volume. It will definitely make the image complete. You can also take a chance and try to promote and sell this product to your client.