Blonde hair trends 2017

What is Blond color melt?

what are popular blond hair colors?

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Blond haired girls are trying to find a way to upgrade their hair styles constantly. There are lots of coloring techniques (like ombre, balayage, sombre, etc.) that can help achieve this goal. Each of them creates a particular look. I have gathered the best 2017 trends for blond hair in this article to inspire you to experiment. Perhaps even the brunettes will change their hair color after reading this article.

Blonde color melt

Monotone hair color is not a trend anymore. Now women want to have several colors on their heads at the same time. This technique allows you to mix blond and brown strands to create a melt of colors. It is perfect for people who want to add some contrast to their hair. Usually, this type of hair coloring requires a special wavy hair style to achieve the best effect.

Blonde with shadowy roots

Here is one more fashion trend of 2017. It has been popular for quite a long time already, so people love it. To avoid color changes, the colors in this style are made in sombre pattern. The combination of shadowy roots and blond strands creates a perfect subtle sombre. To achieve the best effect, the strands should remain straight.

Golden blonde locks

This type of hair coloring is achieved by using balayage technique. It is a guarantee of elegant and unique hairstyle. Blond strands are combined with streaks of honey brown color. This technique will definitely help you add something new to your hairstyle.

Faux balayage

This color melt is achieved by mixing blond and honey brown shades. To get a face framing design, your colorist will also have to put some babylights on your face. You have to choose them considering your current hairstyle and hair color. The look created by this type of coloring will never make you get bored.

Blonde babylights

Babylights provide you with a modern and unique look even without radical changes. They are able to improve your hairstyle by adding something fresh to it. Babylights create a face framing design to highlight your features. Why don’t you try this simple method of hairstyle refreshment?

Silver blonde hair

This shade is one of the most popular and desired. However, it is quite hard to achieve it because it requires a special formula. We recommend you to get a consultation of a colorist before you try to get this unique hair shade. Remember that this particular hair color requires grown out roots for the best look.