Bond Angel effect on curly hair

Bond Angel is a revolutionary technology for protecting against hair damage with any treatment of your hair (thermal, mechanical or chemical), lightening and staining by any means. Bond angel protects your hair and makes your color of hair last longer.

Bond Angel lasts about four weeks, after that the bonds revert to their natural state.

This procedure makes curly and wave hair lighter and stronger. It has to be highlighted that bond angel has not to be overdone.

Bond Angel is a popular technique especially among those people who have trouble growing length. No, Bond Angel doesn’t make your hair grow, but it helps to keep your hair healthy and strong, it makes it shiny.

Among the advantages of Bond Angel are:

  • Bond Angel is very easy to use;
  • it is compatible with all chemical brands;
  • Bond Angel does not affect the composition of the clarifier, does not increase its duration and does not increase the time of the procedure;
  • using Bond Angel in any procedure does not require any additional hair preparation and / or using of an additional care for active protection;
  • Bond Angel preserves an integrity of your hair and protects its structure;
  • Bond Angel makes your hair firm and elastic. The result is preserved for many weeks: beautiful, bright, soft and obedient hair;
  • it has no restrictions in use;
  • it does not contain harmful substances;
  • Bond Angel does not reduce, spoil or change a composition and action of any substance with which it is used.

It is important to highlight that Bond Angel is a bond builder, it is not a protein or a moisturizing treatment. Nevertheless, you can easily add a protein or a moisturizing treatment to your Bond Angel in a beauty salon. Bond Angel allows you to save time and to get a perfect result right after the first procedure.

Thanks to Bond Angel everything that was previously achieved gradually, can now be done immediately, guaranteeing safety and health of your hair.

Bond Angel has high-performance components for multiplying and protecting bonds in your hair, preventing destruction. Bond Angel gives an opportunity to get the lightest shade of your hair with complete security and provide it with a health that it deserves.

You can apply Bond Angel as a means of protection for any chemical process (any color change, use of different techniques, keratin straightening, or dealing with texture or chemical perm).

Bond Angel makes curls easier to style, stronger and adds shine.