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Bond Angel Hair

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Bond Angel Hair

Important and Profitable Features

Exciting Bond Angel Plex Effect is a new revolutionary technology of hair protection against damage caused by any thermal, mechanical and chemical treatment, as well as any kinds of hair coloring.

  • It guarantees maximum hair protection under any salon procedure.
  • Destroyed disulfide bonds are restored and reinforced faster and better than in analogues.
  • Bond Angel is very easy to use.
  • It is compatible with all chemical brands.
  • Bond Angel does not affect the composition of an oxidizing agent and does not increase either its action time or the time of the procedure.
  • You can apply Bond Angel as protection for any chemical process (any color change, use of different techniques, keratin straightening, texture change or perm).
  • It has no use restrictions.
  • Its composition does not contain harmful substances.
  • Bond Angel does not reduce oxide and takes good care of hair.
  • With Bond Angel, perfect results of your work are guaranteed and your customers will be delighted.
  • Bond Angel does not add time to bleaching, coloring and other procedures. All procedures are carried out as usual, even when working with high oxides, damaged/thin hair or when using heat.
  • Using Bond Angel in any procedure does not require any additional hair preparation and/or additional active protection.
  • It is not necessary to constantly monitor bleaching or coloring process, as well as any other professional procedure.
  • Bond Angel retains hair integrity and protects hair structure.
  • Bond Angel makes your hair firm and elastic. The result lasts for many weeks: beautiful, vivid, soft and manageable hair.
  • The rich Brazilian formula comprising natural extracts and microelements along with advanced scientific developments gives unmatched results and provides the maximum effect after any procedure.

















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