Bond Angel How To Use at home

How to use Bond Angel Bond Fortifier


If you’re looking for ways to boost the income at your salon, the timing couldn’t have been better. With Bond Angel Reconstructor, you can maximize your sales and enhance your service portfolio. In fact, you can grow your value-add by offering a bespoke hair treatment course which other salons probably don’t provide. Whether you need a blow dry cream, a cutting lotion or a detangler, Bond Angel Reconstructor has got you covered.

You can charge only $5 per session as there’s enough product for 200 courses which leaves you with a net profit of $1,000.

Wondering how to incorporate Bond Angel into your offering? Here’s the guide:

A cutting lotion. Apply to the clean hair before cutting. Upon completing the haircut, wash, dry and style the hair as usual.

A blow dry cream. Apply a quarter of a portion to the hair, then comb carefully and style.

A detangler. Apply a considerable amount of Bond Angel Reconstructor to the hair. Start detangling carefully.