Bond Angel & Salon Services

BOND ANGEL Standalone Experience

Have you tried the BOND ANGEL lineup yet? The BOND ANGEL Standalone Experience is a great product to start with and see the amazing benefits this brand delivers first hand. It is specifically developed for the hair weakened by styling, straightening, bleaching, coloring and blow drying. Moreover, it can be used for the healthy hair as well in order to keep it vibrant, beautiful and shiny. The BOND ANGEL Standalone Experience can be applied in the salon before or after the chemical procedures.

BOND ANGEL Standalone Experience + Step 3 Bond Fortifier

Enhance your hair with an amazing BOND ANGEL Bond Fortifier. You can use it at home to make the effect of the salon procedures last for far longer. For the best results, combine it with the BOND ANGEL Standalone Experience. 

BOND ANGEL Solutions for a Beard Hair

Coarse hair like beard needs even more careful grooming. The BOND ANGEL solution will make it softer and more manageable. Apply it for ten minutes and enjoy soft, shiny and well-groomed beard hair long after.

Powerful clarifying solution

To enhance the effect of the BOND ANGEL Standalone Experience and make it last longer, use the clarifying solution. It will deeply clean the hair and remove any chemicals left over from the previous procedures. Make sure to apply it prior to every chemical treatment (remember to schedule more time with your stylist so that the clarifying solution is properly applied).

Hair Lightener for Bleach Solutions

BOND ANGEL helps you take care of your hair during bleaching as well. Add it to your bleach solution to achieve greater volume, rich color, sufficient hydration and long-lasting effect. An indispensable hair care product for everyone who bleaches the hair regularly.

Toner & Gloss Solution

Strengthen your hair and get a noticeable shine after each bleaching session with the BOND ANGEL solution. Just add it to the gloss or apply it directly to your hair. The BOND ANGEL solution rejuvenates the hair damaged after bleaching and retains rich and sophisticated color for a long time.

BOND ANGEL for All Kinds of Dyes

To keep your color luxurious for a long time, add the BOND ANGEL product to your color solution. It works with permanent, semi-permanent, semi and direct dyes. As well as retaining your color, BOND ANGEL also provides a rich shine and is very easy to apply.

BOND ANGEL Bond Multiplying System for permanent waves

Get beautiful and shiny locks that will last for a long time and will be easy to manage with the BOND ANGEL Bond Multiplying System. It works even with the colored hair and delivers results that you have always wanted. With this solution, you can forget about frizz and weak or dry hair. Healthy and rejuvenated, your hair is easy to manage and will keep you happy for a long time!