Bond Fortifier - how to restore your hair

Well, you’ve chosen a small bottle of Bond Angel Step 3 and you can’t wait to use it — we are not going to reproach you! Instead of this, we want to give you some tips regarding the usage of Bond Angel.

If you apply Bond Angel to dry hair, it will require more product. So it’s recommended to start the process with washing the hair using a shampoo that you like most in order to remove extra oil from your hair.

Apply the product to dried hair and comb it carefully.

Wait minimum 10 minutes. If your hair is much damaged, you can leave the product on it for up to 90 minutes.

Wash the Bond Angel away and use shampoo and conditioner. Remember that the Bond Angel treatment is not leave-in, so it should be followed up with your daily hair care routine.

Style your hair as you want!

The effect you’ll get after using the product can vary, however, the only thing that will definitely impress you is that your hair will become much softer and more manageable. Of course, it’s not a hair mask or a conditioner, so do not expect too much. The product acts from the inside out to recover damaged hair bonds. Bond Angel Step 3 prevents your hair from breakage and makes it shiny. Specialists do not recommend using it more often than once a week. Nevertheless, you may apply it less frequently on the basis of your own needs.