Can Bond Angel be sued on brunettes?

According to the widespread information from the famous social network Instagram, Bond Angel is a wonderful product suitable for blonds and blond transformations. Bond Angel is so popular that there is often the question whether it can be sued on brunettes or not. The answer is of course YES! Bond Angel is suitable for everyone irrespective of the hair color, type and texture. Actually, since the launch of our product, we have noticed shinier, brighter and healthier brunettes than before.  

I am certain that salons all over the world have seen a few of these photos in the hands of their customers. The famous ombre Lily Aldridge produced by Tracey Cunningham is known to be among the most widespread hair colors in salons. Bianca Hillier showed what it looks like to be a beachy blonde y means of her color work on Rocky Barnes. 

A small brunette-spo has never hurt anybody. Whether you look for contrast, dimension or just some sparkle, Bond Angel will ascertain you get there the healthy way.