Caring for colour-treated hair

Most people know that all chemical processes make hair less elastic, as a result it becomes brittle. Thus, if you have dyed your hair, it is vulnerable to damage. But it is necessary to note that the degree of damage that takes place depends directly on the colour change. For example, bleaching is considered to be the most harmful for hair. So you if you decided to go from a dark shade to a light one, you are likely to cause a lot of damage to your hair.

You should also ask yourself how often you colour your hair. Besides, do not forget to use a well-formulated conditioner, if you colour your hair at home. Most women, who avoid visiting salons, do not buy conditioners made specifically for their hair type, consequently after coloring their hair looks dry and unhealthy. It’s also recommended to use a pre-shampoo conditioning treatment 1-2 times a week. It will also help your hair look and feel great. Also we recommend Bond Fortifier (Home Care) to protect your hair.