Color trends for summer: dimensional pastels, babylights, OG highlights and balayage combo

Sick and tired of your mundane hair color? Summer is just the time to dust off the fluff and to add new hues to both your hair and life. Here are some hot summer trends from creative colorists for your inspiration.

Dimensional Pastel

While play of rainbow colors is still on-trend, you have a great opportunity to adapt this dramatic color scheme to a softer palette and to create a more coquettish, yet delicate blond option using fancy pastel.


It’s a high time to add some light around the face creating a kind of sun-bleached summer look. Babylights is a perfect technique for making your face brighter, especially when blending this with a volumizing effect.

OG Highlights and Balayage Combo

Balayage is OK, but what if more blond hues are desirable? You can mix balayage and classic highlights through the sides with a focus on the hair around the face. This combination allows getting blonder look in one session.