Creative color with Bond Angel

Bond Angel is considered one of the most modern hair treatment technologies. However, the issue of its effect on damaged hair still remains topical.

Bond Angel worked from inside of the hair, restoring its structure and natural features.

Bond Angel is the procedure that has changed the work of colorists significantly. The procedure restores broken disulphide sulphur bonds inside of the hair; hence, it provides it with strength and makes it look healthier. Hair bonds are often broken during coloring or heat treatment procedures. Bond Angel is suitable for all hair types, restoring their structure, integrity, and strength.

You will get better result if you use Bond Angel during the coloring procedure and not after it. However, you have to remember that Bond Angel is not a cure-all for damaged or dry hair. This opinion is a popular confusion. Unlike hair conditioners, this procedure affects the internal structure of the hair. That is why it is more effective.

The facts you have to know if you are going to become blond

Angel is irreplaceable because it restores disulphide bonds during coloring procedures. The hair often break during the coloring procedures because of the disulphide bonds breakage. In some situations it can lead to, candyfloss, highlights, or other bad consequences. This treatment is a must for everyone who wants to become blond.