Dark roots blonde hair trend

For a long time recovered hair roots have been considered something unacceptable. It is just unbearable to color them constantly and fear that they will grow back again. That was why people thought: “So let them grow then!” and did nothing about that. There are many women that not just ignore painting the roots of their hair when they grow up, but even dye them in different colors.

Yes, we know that it may seem weird. But it is a trend and we cannot stand by. It is a specific feature of lazy beauties because it does not require special efforts. Additionally, you can change your look by growing your hair.

Do you want to see the “root” of the issue? Then keep reading and you will see cases when regrown roots look great. It is a pity that you will have to cancel your next visit to the colorist.

The dark roots of Rihanna’s blond mane look like a halo. She is an angel in flesh, isn’t she?

Undoubtedly, the combed hair of Rita Ora draws attention to its darker roots but this golden rim in the parting looks very well with her hairstyle. Good job, Rita.

A two-tone hairstyle is sumptuous! Shailene Woodley shows us that the hair regrowth process should not be painful.

Pixie Geldof could be a godmother of regrown hair roots.

There were many events where she showed the roots of her hair, but we especially like her sandy blond.

Mary-Kate Olsen has always been known for bohemian looks and the roots of her hair emphasize it. They would also look perfectly with ocean waves in background.

Dark roots can look out of place on a short haircut, since almost half the length of the hair has different color. But Eddie Campbell proves that you just need to have the right approach to create an image of an urban fashionista.