Expert Advice: 5 Tips for a Successful Consultation from Lisa Walker

Have you ever heard about Lisa Walker? Her Instagram name @lisalovesbalayage speaks for her easy going personality and talents. She is a really talented colorist who has a successful business, that’s why we decided to share some of her tips with you.

Hair Strand Test. If your customer shows you a picture of a model with a different hair color and texture, suggest them looking for a photo of someone with the same color and texture they have. It's also of utmost importance to do a strand test which will show a customer what might and might not happen with their hair after dyeing.

Unfortunately, we often promise the moon and fall short of expectations, it should be like that. Consider your capabilities and the true-to-life results that can be obtained in one procedure. Avoid promising your customer with black hair to turn into platinum blonde at once or to do something that may cause damage their hair.

Explain to your customer the details of the technique you want to use. Perhaps they will want to have balayage, but if the image they want to get is easier to reach through foils, explain that and use the method you are sure will most effectively provide the needed look.

You should also discuss the price. Lisa Walker thinks that it’s very important to be open about pricing from the very beginning of consultation. She says that usually, students do not attend classes without learning how much they cost. Imagine your customer comes to you but she doesn’t have enough money for the service. In this case, some specialists may agree to work within the customer’s budget, but Walker believes that it shouldn’t be done. A hairstylist is recommended to work only with the customers who are able to pay for their service.

Match their attitude. Always imitate your customer’s behavior. For example, if a customer is calm and peaceful, be also quiet. However, if a customer appears to be demanding, ensure you are also a strong, firm personality that is realistic about aims and has professional skills.