Express balayage is Possible. Procedure of Completing a Full Balayage within a Half Period of Time

A full balayage application can be completed in less than a halftime. This can be done by using different sections with or without a special assistant. This will result in natural and sun-kissed effect which will help your customer glow all year long.

Section the head top off, starting from above its crown and ending with its high recession.

Take a centered-back and vertical section with a special comb of the tail. Lace the section gently and create a slight cushion at its base. This will result in creating color blending and diffusion at the highlighted base. 

Start planning on the section’s front side to create as natural highlighting effect as possible from front to back.

Take another vertical section when you move towards the head front. The degree of contrast between the highlighting and base color will help you determine the base of your section. Paint your hair with a similar technique. Continue to the section of your hairline. After this, repeat the procedure on another head side. 

When you use the top portion, take a start at the back. After this, take a horizontal section with a zigzag part.  In order to create a smooth surface n the head top for painting it, lace the section from behind. Go on with this procedure until completed.