Features of hair coloring in winter

Unfortunately, in winter our hairstyle leaves a lot to be desired. The weather for the hairstyle isn’t the most suitable - the season of precipitation and artificial heating, cold mood (eternal stresses) and even the fashionable hats that we change daily (to be stylish and feel warm) - all this is unwholesome. Our hair suffers, fades and becomes drier. As a result, the hair looks pathetic and sad. And we try in every possible way to preserve its worthy appearance.

We make shampoo more often, we make styling more carefully and update the color regularly (there is nothing to be done, after coloring the hair looks better). But no matter how hard we try, we can hardly completely protect and restore the health of the hair, while outside the window there is minus temperature. We want our hair to be beautiful regardless of the weather conditions, so it's time to take under strict control the means that we use when washing, styling and coloring our hair …

The hair-color is in the spotlight. The winter option is a less harsh caring hair-color, which not only gives the curls the right shade, but also provides them with the necessary "set" of nutrients. Pay attention to the composition: the more natural ingredients are, the better is.

Fortunately, the beauty market answers our problems and needs. Naturally, it is better if your paint will be free of ammonia, and won’t contain aggressive analogs of ammonia.

Special formulas of hair-colors based on the action of natural oils penetrate the interior part of the hair and guarantee a rich, uniform, consistent color, nourishing strands and imparting them an expressive gloss. Unfortunately, no matter how we are convinced with advertising, it is not an easy thing to color the greyness with less harsh hair-color.

After the coloring procedure, you need to take a special treatment (this should be done obliviously if the mask or balm for hair are in the complete with the hair-color). Balms stabilizers are aimed at closing the hair flakes, and prolonging the firmness. Your hair will look more shiny and silky, no matter what shade you choose. And no winter is scary.