Growing your color sales

It is possible to situate hair colorists as high-income earners since the color is one of the most prestigious services provided at salons. This trend has been created by relentless marketing. A celebrity spokesperson exists for almost every line.
Hair color is now more glamorous that it has been ever before. It can be seen on numerous runaways and it is often positioned as high fashion. Try making a profit on that and apply color to create luxury and prestige for your salon customers.
It is impossible to achieve such prestige and exclusivity at your salon with any other service as with selling colors. Stylists and salons specializing in color have a definite cache. This is an art, and the main model in the industry is a master colorist who can deliver superior results.
Loyalty to salon colorists is created due to the fact that consumers comprehend that home results are not so effective.
There exists a mystery behind the application technique and formula. In order to deliver the look, it is necessary to create a precise formula. The guest will never get bored since customization is vital.
It is necessary to apply from 3 to 8 add-ons per one color client customer depending on your goal.
There is a value of spending money on the personal image seen by the customers. It is necessary to maximize the person currently in your chair rather than increase the amount of work.
Color ought to be used as an opportunity. Then it will help you maximize your income per guest.
Hair color can also be an impulse purchase. A subtle appeal makes it possible for professionals to encourage guests to order more expensive and prestigious services over time.
As a result, a salon guest who starts with a simple $20 application after having his hair cut can eventually end up ordering a $100 prestigious service every two months.