Hair color trends spring 2018

During the change of the season, this is vitally necessary to switch up your skincare as well as rethink your makeup. It is also worth thinking about the hair color update especially when the weather will get warm. To get the necessary guidance, look at celebrities and the Insta-famous. However, it is also worth considering the practical advice from pros. However, the final look may be manageable, flattering, eye-catching and trendy.  

Rich Color Range for Brunettes

Brunettes will enjoy a rich choice of colors this spring starting from chocolate brown and ending by warm amber hues. It is worth considering a slight lift in order to maintain dimension. No brassy tones will be created when you highlight with amber to auburn.

Sun-Kissed Blonde Color

This color reminds of a person who has been marooned not behind a desk but on a beautiful tropical island. In order to obtain the eternal flawless hair sunshine, it is suggested to create dimension with ‘extremely bright flecks of blonde baby pops throughout’. 

Au Natural Color

Let your inborn color run wild. Moving into spring can really imply leaning towards our customers’ classic beauty with modern styling approach. 

Old Hollywood Blonde Color

Christiano is entirely about the old Hollywood Blonde Color though with an edge. The blond color looks more natural than platinum. None the less, this color is more polished than sun-kissed. This color brightens the skin up when it is pushed just a little bit higher. Consequently, this color draws attention to human’s eyes.

Platinum blonde color

Platinum blonde color is still popular. However, it is a lot more critical to protect your hair with a blond platinum style. It is necessary to maintain your hair condition. Then the color will look not brittle and dull but shiny and healthy. Create platinum blonde color with Bond Angel.