Hair Protein can Keep Clients Happy

The One-Step Puring Smoothing System unites proven results and modern technology into a safe alternative with the purpose of harshing keratin treatments. It does not involve numerous trips to shampoo bowls, different blow-dries and passes using the flat iron. One-Step Smoothing System is available for professionals and can be used only at salons.
This system is not a relaxer but a temporary smoothing treatment based on amino acids. It does not contain chemicals which tend to break disulfide bonds. As a result, the effect is impermanent.
It is possible to use the professional One-Step Puring Smoothing System on ANY hair type. Whether your hair is relaxed, color treated, naturally curly, previously relaxed or grey, the system can be applied.
The One-Step Puring Smoothing System is also perfect for customers who transit from wearing relaxers to wearing naturally curly hair. Manageability between numerous hair textures will be achieved with the special One-Step Smoothing System.