Hair Trends Winter 2018 2019

We are aimed at causing the spotlight to shine on the best hairstyles possible from New York to Paris starting from tribal tresses and ending by bowl cuts.

Natural lengths

Free, full of movement hair simply styled with water or just touched by hand like Stella McCartney has been formed by the stylists, and the process has taken them a significant amount of time. The biggest season trend is natural look which lets hair speak for itself. 

The sleek wet look

The last of wet locks tucked behind the ears have not been seen yet. However, a similar concept was proposed on the spring 2017 and summer 2017 runways. When the hair is straight and perfectly lacquered the look will be higher and more relaxed next season. The effect is created with a simple swipe of your hand.

Acid hair

Models from all over the world acquired a fantastic popularity thanks to the pigments and brightly colored hair. If the hair is properly hydrated and cared for, any color is fashionable this season, from canary yellow to electric blue along with fluorescent pink.  

Relaxed curls

While the spring and summer runways were full of tight, coil, curls, next winter the hairstyles will be more relaxed, natural and loose.

Super short bobs

We have already happened to see some models with Fall/Winter 2017-2018 hairstyles. They were seen together with the slight trim and given a youthful and edgy effect.

Tribal tresses

This season plaits have gone a level after being placed high on human’s head in rows to achieve a tribal effect. This is an excellent opportunity to be in the warrior and anti-conformist mood which has been seen at multiple shows. This all has been started by Hiandra Martinez who has recently opened the Saint Laurent sporting dreadlocks show. This show is a complete contrast to the army of models who followed her.