How often should you color your hair?

It goes without saying that any chemical process including coloring has a negative impact on your hair. It is the main reason why you’d better not to dye your hair again in a short period of time. Applying harmful chemicals to your hair is not the thing you are supposed to do too frequent.

Of course, we are all different, and there are people who were presented by nature with strong hair and those who were a little bit unlucky and got weak hair. So the first type people maybe not so concerned than others but still, they should remember that any hair does not have immunity to the adverse effects of hair dyes.

If you have weak brittle hair then you are recommended to wait before dyeing it again.

Two of the most widespread problems that people coloring their hair too often face are hair breakage and split ends. When you color your hair you kind of tear off its external layer and cause damage to the hair shaft. As a consequence, your hair becomes dull dry and fragile.

Specialists advise to wait minimum 4 weeks before re-dyeing your hair. It’s a minimum time interval, but if you do care about your hair state and don’t want to cause any extra damage, you are recommended to color it again in 6-7 weeks. Those who have strong hair may wait only 5 weeks.

In any case, we really want you to use Bond Angel as this product is able to protect your hair during dyeing. It reconnects broken bonds and restores the processed hair.