How-to: bright, dimensional blonde

People have always wanted to have smooth color, so now colorists use various methods to reach such ideal blend. Stylist Philip Foresto shows how he applies teasing, feathering and smudging in order to achieve a perfect dimensional blonde.

1. Divide hair and start at the back below the rounds. Take half-inch horizontal parts, tease at root, tightening twice from the last 3 inches.

2. Use Lightening Powder with 20-volume developer plus Powder from mids through ends. Soak ends. 

3. Carefully feather up to the teased area, bending the brush to avoid any line of demarcation.

4. Put section on foil and fold to allow air to penetrate.

5. Remove the foil and paint the section surface to continue to blend.

6. Rinse and spray. Complete the work using a conditioning treatment. Dry hair.

7. Use volumizing styling powder to the roots to add volume. Take a big part, and tease on the bottom side. 

8. Take little sections and mist slightly. Use a half-inch iron to wrap flat from roots to ends. Let form a curl and give some time to become cool. Style as you wish.