How to Care for Aging Hair

Needless to change, our appearance changes with age and hair is no exception. Hair doesn’t only become gray or white but changes it texture. For example, if the hair texture was fine, it will become even finer. If it was thick, it will be thinner.

Shampooing Fine Hair

Hair always looks good, if it is just washed. However, frequent washing causes some problems:  it can dry hair out or promote sebum production, which in its turn makes hair oily and flat. You might have heard that sebum production becomes slower with aging, but it doesn’t mean it stops completely.

So if you want your aging look healthier, find a mild shampoo and try to avoid frequent washing. Wash your hair once using little product and your hair will look perfect. 

Conditioner for Fine Hair

Panthenol conditioners are known for keeping thin hair in good condition. Panthenol hydrates hair without weighing it down.

Bond Angel

The effective way to restore damaged hair.