How to create loose curls

The following steps will help you create loose frizz

Firstly, after drying your hair, use a special hair tie or clip to section the top half. The other hair part should be separated down the middle in the back. After this, work on one side and separate hair sections from bottom to top.

Secondly, section your hair into one piece to curls starting from its back. It is important to face the crisper clamp into the mirror. As a result, your locks will be back away from face.

Thirdly, insert the frizzy iron half from your head top. Release clamp. After this, your hair needs to be gently pulled through the crisper about one quarter of an inch. Then the crisper should be turned back up toward your head top. Go on with this procedure until you get towards the hair strand end.

The fourth step is the following. When your hair is entirely pulled through the crisper, it should be left in for a couple of seconds. Be careful during this procedure. Don’t burn your hairs. After that, pull the crisper down vertically and assure that it is parallel to the head. This will make your hair ends good-looking. DO NOT release the clamp. All you need to do is releasing the crisper out of hairs.

Now the procedure is almost done. Gently separate the frizz with your fingers when all hair sections are curled.

Finally, use a professional hairspray. After that, the procedure will be over.