How-to: Dramatic Color-Change Consultation

Be honest. Most hair transitions take a lot of time and costs money. So be honest with your guest and make sure your client knows how much they will have to pay for the service. We recommend informing your customer in this way: “An estimated time needed to create this look will be…, and the price will be.... We also offer such additional services as deep conditioning treatments, which will also take time and add some money to the final check”.

It’s advised to have photos for reference. However, you should tell your customer about all results that can take place because of the different hair base and porosity. You can also provide a customer with pictures found on the Internet. Pay attention to a customer’s skin tone and eye color, it may help you estimate their choice adequately.

Let them know if the image they want to have may not suit them. The hair state is also important. So if a client wants to undergo an extreme color change having very weak hair, you should do your best to prevent them from doing this. In this case, it’s better to lose a customer than to be a person to blame when he/she will be bald after your procedure.