How to Dye Hair Crazy Colors

Well, you decided to dye your hair a crazy color. You bought a hair-dye and put it on your brown hair. Now you probably wonder why the result of your work doesn’t correspond to the picture in the hair-dye box. We have an answer to your question: consider your hair as a canvas. Keep in your mind, the color scheme works everywhere in the same way. So applying the same hair-dye to blond and dark hair will lead to absolutely different results. The lighter your hair is, the brighter your new color.

Thus, those who have dark hair are supposed to bleach it before dyeing it. To make the process easier, you may use the Manic Panic Flash Lightening Bleach Kit, as it has everything necessary for bleaching. If your current hair is already dyed, you are likely to use a color stripper before bleaching it. This will prevent you from getting undesirable results. But if your hair is blond, you are lucky, as you don’t need to bleach your hair before dyeing it crazy color.

You should also remember that most colors lighten after washings, so later they become more pastel. If you don’t want to reach this pastel stage as soon as possible, you should buy a pastel mixer in order to add it to the chosen color.