How to Dye Your Hair at Home

How to dye your hair at home?

The fastest and easiest way to change your appearance is to change your hair color. The process can begin right in your apartment. Hair coloring at home is not difficult. Just need to follow certain rules of this procedure and follow our advice.

Immediately before the procedure, make a test for allergy and sensitivity to the components. A small drop of the prepared mixture is applied to the wrist or inner side of the elbow. If after 15-30 minutes there were no unpleasant sensations (burning, itching, redness), then you can safely start hair coloring.

Strictly follow the time specified in the instructions; otherwise, all excess time hair will be dried, and their structure will break down. Use Bond Angel to protect your hair.

And one more tip: coloring hair in such complex techniques as ombre, 3d, pixel, the gradient is better to entrust to a professional and not to do at home.