How to Grow Your Business as a Solo Artist


Branding implies creating a unique image for your company and services available for potential and existing customers. For individual entrepreneurs, the most important key for gaining new customers lies in developing a smart brand strategy. Such a policy is also efficient keeping and impressing the existing customers.

1. Develop a successful brand for your business and create a unique visual identity. It is recommended to carefully choose the fonts, esthetic and color scheme. It is necessary to popularize your brand inside your hair salon and in mass media.

2. Actively publish information about your hair salon on Facebook, Instagram and other social networks. Establish good relations with your fans and answer to all messages and comments they write 24 hours per day.

3. Use specialized strategic hash tags which searchable and clickable links. As a result, it will be much easier for your potential customers to find information about your salon. Such hash tags and the name, location and description of your business should be applied all the time.

4. Carefully manage customer negative feedbacks. It is vitally necessary to monitor and respond them all the time. Accept all complaints. Ask individuals to send their contact details. It is better to communicate with unsatisfied individuals offline with the purpose of avoiding public quarrels.

5. Share positive reviews on social networks. Ask satisfied customers to share their experience by writing feedbacks on Facebook, Google or Yelp!

6. Bravely sell yourself. Do not hesitate to advertise your works in different types of mass media. Professionally selling yourself is an extremely efficient brand asset.

7. Create your own business community. Establish partner relations with other companies. Arrange cross promotion of offered services.

8. Retail, retail and retail again! Choose an effective brand and offer it to your customers together with the servicers.

9. Have a rest in some cases. Having your business is tiring. It is unaffordable to be sick. In order to be healthy, do not forget to have a rest and care about yourself all the time.

10. Learn something new all the time. Always look for opportunities to continue your education. When you stop learning, your business will stop growing.

11. Redefine Platinum Blond limits!

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