How to keep your Balayage on point with Bond Angel?

The balayage is usually on point right after the coloring procedure. However, after some time it your hair can become brassy. It means that it requires additional care.

The procedure is suitable for all customers who want to maintain balayage and for those whose hair is treated with high temperatures between the visits.

The infusion of Bond Angel No.1 into the toning glaze takes place after defining the goals of the conducted hair maintenance service.

After that hairstylist covers the hair with Bond Angel No.2 and lets it remain on it 10 or 20 minutes depending on the needs of the client.

Then the hair is blown dry and its ends are treated with a light trim. Note: This procedure is used only for maintenance, but not for styling.

After the procedure, hairstylist gives his customers Bond Angel No.3. It is used one time a week or more for home maintenance. The frequency of use depends on hair damages. Environmental, mechanical, and styling damages often occur at home between the visits to your beauty salon. That is why No.3 is required.

This maintenance service is perfect to make sure that the customer’s hair dress will preserve for a long time. Try #Bond Angel and share your experiences!