How to restore hair with Bond Angel

Providing you have undergone numerous glossing, hydrating, deep-conditioning treatments over the years and you are disappointed at them all, do not worry. Bond Angel is completely different from other therapies. As opposed to traditional treatments applied at a hair salon, Bond Angel is aimed at mending the hair structure as distinct from smothering it in the moisture with the purpose of masking the damage.

Substantially, coloring eats the protein reserves in your hair away. If we discuss this question in details coloring splits bonds which then turn into sulfur hydrogen. This process gnaws the hair protein away. The peculiarity of Bond Angel lies in linking these bonds back together as well as in preventing the damage to the hair and making it shiner and smoother. Your usual color dye should be mixed with the formula. After this, the formula will be used as usual and then be followed up with a deep conditional treatment. Is Bond Angel able to fix the hair fired by heat? According to the evidence, yes, it is. Before and after the treatment, the hair speaks for itself.