Keratin protein treatment for damaged hair

Keratin is a natural protein, and hair contains most of it! If your hair is dry, brittle, weak and badly damaged, then keratin is the very thing for it. As a protein, keratin is rich in amino acid that is responsible for hair elasticity, smoothness and health. Keratin gives a strand of hair its shape, either straight or curly, since straight hair contains much more keratin. Dark hair has more keratin than blond strands, as blond hair reflects sun rays easily, while dark locks need stronger protection.

The benefit of keratin consists in the fact that its molecule is able to penetrate into a strand of hair and to fill it, improving its structure from the inside. Only few substances contained in hair-care products can boast this ability, since basically all the active substances work on the hair surface, creating just illusion of hair restoration.

Professional hair-care products with keratin:

restore damaged hair, improving the structure from the inside;

protect from negative environmental effects;

replenish with moisture, keeping it inside a strand of hair;

prevent split ends;

restore hair elasticity and shine.