OLAPLEX and BOND ANGEL comparisons

Hair coloring – is one of the most demanded procedures in the beauty salons. Now wonder, since new color like nothing else, can change the look of a person. However, this type of the procedure, involves chemical, thermal and mechanical damage to the hair. No matter how safe the color is, hairs after continuous coloring get damaged and need deep reconstruction. Conditioners and mask can help with hair health. However, it takes some time. Recently, Dr Eric Pressly and Dr. Craig Hawker developed a formula, which allowed safe and quick disulfide bond reconstruction. Which led to the development of the bond multiplier treatments. This scientist above took part in development of the globally known product – Olaplex. Olaplex became the industry pioneer, however several other products appeared on the market, including b3 and recently Bond Angel. Today we will compare Bond Angel with Olaplex as the two products seem very alike. Both solutions rebuild disulfide bonds, have similar packages and chemistry so lets dig deeper and see how they differ.


Those who know the product now use it regularly. Product is easily mixed with existing salon procedures, opening new avenues for salon professionals and their clients. Today we will compare.


However, Olaplex is not the only product that allows to rebuild hair follicles and to intensifies hair color. Brazilian brand BRAE introduced a new solution, known as Bond Angel.


Bond Angel has recently entered US market as a competitor to Olaplex.


Bond Angel currently comes in 3,38 fl.oz and 16,5 fl.oz. Olaplex comes with a measuring syringe and Bond Angel doesn't. So Olaplex has more variety, for the sake of this experiment we will compare 100 ml kits of each brand.


Bond Angel seems more premium and nicer on touch, while Olaplex seems more rugged. Step 3 of Bond Angel comes in a separate box, while Olaplex doesn't. Bond Angel seems to focus more on the Blond, however the product works with all hair types.


Olaplex step 2 and Bond Angel step 2 both use similar amount of product. However Bond Angel Step 1 lasts twice as long as Olaplex as it only requires 2g of the solution vs 3.75g (almost 4). You will only notice this difference when you use the bond multiplier product on everyday basis.



Both products feel and smell differently. 



Both products are very similar. They come in a box with with 1 bottle of Step1, and 2 bottle of Step 2. It is done that way since Step 2 is used in higher quantities. Ingredients list on the back seems to vary quite a bit, which would explain the difference in color and smell. Bond Angel – Bond Maker seems to have a ton of Amino Acids. Even though products are similar in the way they work, BRAE says Bond Angel has a more potent formula delivering better result.

Both Olaplex and Bond Angel consist of 3 products, which lead to unified fast reconstruction and increase in hair color. Both contains active ingredients which prevent hair damage during salon procedures, such as: coloring, keratin reconstruction, permanent.

Products are absolutely safe, as it has no silicone, oils, sulfates or aldehyde, which positively affect the hair.

Step 1 - concentrate rebuilds disulfide connections, which in turn renew hair structure, make it reinforced. Bond Multiplier is used as an addition to the solution of color, bleach.

Step 2 is Bond Reconstructor/perfector. Both products are used after the color has been washed off. It is a mandatory step which follows the Bond Maker. Bond Reconstructor seals the effect, making hair elastic and full of shine, while giving the hair maximum strength.

Step 3 is a home care treatment. Bond Angel's step3 is a Bond Fortifier, Olaplex's step 3 is called Hair Perfector. Both solution act similar. Their main role is to provide and prolong the effect of the key solutions (1,2) used in the salon.


Olaplex 100ml profesional Traveling stylist kit will run you $65, while Bond Angel 100 ml kit will cost $45. Home care Step 3, trends in similar price range.


Both products seem to offer similar results, and similar application process. Bond Angel costs less and doesn't take as much use, so it would last you longer. We have tested both and here are the results: