Re-Fresh: Brighten Blonde Mid-Lengths and Ends

Usually after having the first balayage we see an excellent result. But eventually the formula used before stops satisfying us. We may see dull or muddy strands. To avoid this problem, use an Enlightening formula, mixing it with a low-level developer, 5 volume or water, and then weaken the solution with a conditioner or universal 0N, an ammonia free clear base. Never forget that the lift is reached due to the bleach, not the activator, and the conditioner (or universal 0N) helps to dilute the Enlightening formula and consequently leads to the ideal shift in place of over-lifting the mid-lengths and ends.

Getting an even finish
To get rid of dull mid-lengths and ends, apply the above mentions formula with the usual lifting formula in the desired places. Use Universal 0N and blend through to the ends in order to get a bright look.

Keep in your mind that the procedure takes some time, so your customers shall be charges appropriately. Set prices for the service with a salon manager.


It’s highly important to remove Enlightening formula well, so wash hair with shampoo thrice and apply a neutralizing conditioner.