Repair and Revitalize Warm Weather Damage

Most people like spending their holidays at the beach. What can be better than the warm weather and bright sun? Of course, summertime is full of fun…and damage. Yes, UV can cause a lot of damage to your hair.

High porosity and fadeout can be disappointing and hard to fix, especially when we deal with clients who are looking for a cool weather change. However, using some tricks, reaching fabulous blonds, luxurious brunettes and gorgeous reds can be a piece of cake. This article will tell you how to restore hair after UV damage and give you some ideas for correction your clients’ color so that they can be cool-weather ready.

The sun is fun and the reason for porosity

Most people’s favorite season of the year is summer because they can swim and sunbathe. However, UV rays and chlorine can have a negative effect on your hair. Both elements can cause damage to hair strands that presents with dehydration, breakage, dullness and opened cuticles, which makes it difficult for color to stay put. So if you work with a client that has dull and brittle hair after the hottest season, you are advised to address to both pre and post color service.
In-salon treatment. A deep-conditioning treatment is the best way to start the healing process. Damaged strands require nutrients, so this procedure will provide hair with them and help to close open cuticles. Make sure that you have enough time for this procedure by pre-booking your customers.
At-home care. Damaged hair needs deep hydration and proteins. It’s highly recommended to have a deep-conditioning treatment once a week. It will help to heal damaged locks and get them in their best state, which will prepare the groundwork for more successful coloring.