Salon looking hair every day

1) Think about the way of hair washing once again

Excessive washing can cause damage to your hair especially iа it is colored, bleached, has been chemically treated or naturally porous or dry. 

2) Use protection all the time

It is possible to cause damage to the hair by UV heated tools such as tongs, straighteners or even trusted hairdryers. Giving as much protection as possible to your hair is extremely important. Use a heat protector every time you dry your hair.

3) Be a blow-dry professional

Depending on the type of your hair, a good blow-dry ought to last for a few days. It will be possible to prolong your hairstyle with a few products. According to the famous stylist Dan Sharp, you can bypass hot tools my setting multiple tasks for your hairstyle. It is not always necessary to involve hot tools into styling. Give yourself fierce blowout on Monday and tock hair out on Friday. Be sure your style lasts for some days to prevent excessive hair damage. 

4) Use professional hair care products

High-quality professional hair care products will help you to make your hair better.