The blonde shade of your dream with Wanna Be Blond Bleach Powder

Before you choose your new hair color you should pay attention to the following things:

1. Appraise your hair condition and current hair color, as these factors may affect your new hair choice.

If your hair is damaged, you shouldn’t process it using ammonia-containing products, as it can lead to deplorable results. So people with weak hair are supposed to buy ammonia-free hair-dyes and herbal hair products. Don’t forget that it’s more dangerous to bleach fine hair than thick hair. Thus, do not follow instructions for strong hair that say to wear a cap or use heat. Besides, people with thin hair are recommended to shorten the bleaching process by 5 minutes.

2. The color shown in the hair-dye box may differ from the color that you reached. This can happen because of:

- ignoring instructions,

- bad hair state,

- dark current hair color,

- unrealistic expectations.

So choosing a hair color, you are advised to pick a color one tone lighter than the desired color. Following this rule and having unprocessed natural hair, you can get almost the same hair color that is depicted in the box. Otherwise you may be disappointed by getting the hair much darker than you wanted.