The Difference Between At Home And Salon Hair Colour

There are so many opinions about home dye. Some people say it damages your hair, others say it’s the same as in a beauty salon. Now anyone can go to a shop and buy DIY kits, that are quite cheap and there are many articles and videos that can explain to you how to color your hair. So indeed, why should you go to a salon and pay extra? We prepared this article for you to see what the difference is.

In Fact, They Are the Same

There are many factories that produce dye for both home and salons so as regards the basic components you get the same thing. You can choose higher quality kits just like visiting a more expensive salon to get better results. But the problem is that cheaper at home kits usually skip the protective agents that are used for nourishing your skin and hair while coloring. Besides some chemicals of dyes can be more concentrated, which will lead us to the next point...

One Box For Everyone

The main disadvantage of home dye and the reason why you may fail to get the desired result is that it’s a one size fits all. The fact is that the amount of pigment and developer in the mixture is not specific to your hair so if you want to get the end result that’s depicted on the box, you might need to work hard for it. Keep in your mind, that usually box dyes come out a little bit darker so you’d better take the shade lighter to get the best results. You will also need to learn how to apply the dye and what to do later, so if you have doubts, you’d rather go to a salon. Remember that it’s better to spend a little more now than to spend a fortune try to fix an unexpected result later.

When Is Salon Needed

If you want to correct you hair color or change your image completely, then you’d better avoid having experiments at home and consult a specialist in a salon. Entrust experienced people with this difficult task and you won’t regret it. So if you want to go more than 2 shades darker or lighter than your basic hair color, visit a beauty salon.