The Difference Between Balayage, Ombre and Sombre

It is widely known that balayage (the correct pronunciation is bah-lee-AHZGE) is a professional hair styling technique aimed at highlighting hairs. Numerous looks can be achieved with balayage. This technique is also called hair painting. The hair color or lighteners are especially painted on to create a natural graduated effect from ends to roots. This will result in creating magnificent multi-dimensional color blends.


Ombre is an extremely popular look determined by hair with dark roots and light ends. In order to achieve such a stylish and fashionable dark and light hair look, contact a hair painting or balayage stylist.

The small highlights which were previously called ‘fine foils’ are known as babylights. This method involves separating hairs into tiny sections. Each section can be only a few strands. This method means mimicking the natural and gorgeous highlights you had in your childhood and achieving the natural bright hair look

The method which includes melting different colors is called colormelt. This method creates a mix of light and dark color from roots till ends. On the whole, this method is extremely complicated. It is usually plied for people who have light hair colors and want to blend them with dark ones.

The soft ombre color is called somber. The somber method usually includes blends colors higher up and therefore achieving as a natural look as possible. However, all ends lights. Only small dark hints go through them.