Tips for Dry Hair Care

The coloring, discoloration, and smoothing prevent the hair to be naturally hydrated. The use of drier, Babyliss or irons for winding, sun exposure and saline wind from beaches are some of the factors, that badly influence your hair and may cause a more complicated problem.

Drying may also occur because of the change of hair’s PH, the hair cuticles get dilated and unprotected or because of the loss of the natural hair fat coating, as a result hair becomes dry within some time. Yarns, which have length above 10cm get less amount of nutrients from the scalp.

Advice to reduce dryness

Washing: If you have dry hair you are better to wash your hair under warm or cool water. If your hair contacts warmer water, the oil coverage that lines the yarn and is responsible for maintaining hair silky is removed. Plus, extra hot water opens the cuticle of the hair, making it more sensible to sun, pollution and all other agents, which influence the dryness of hair. Upon the milder temperature, the scalp produces enough quantity of sebum to avoid the oily root.

Recommendations of the products for dry hair

There are some special products to take care of dry hair, which is of the best quality on the market. Try to identify the issue, happened to your hair and use only special shampoos and cosmetics for your skin or hair type. Even so, you have to be ready to do some experiments to establish which of the products can fit your hair best. Also, pay attention the brand: buy out always a well-known brand and look for products that contain the following elements, like macadamia, ox marrow, keratin, jaborandi, cotton extract, semi-flax, wheat germ, ceramides or vitamin A. These components hydrate your hair and vitalize it