Tips On Going & Dying Your Hair Blonde

1. Will blonde fit your eye color and skin tone well?

Find some photos of you being a child -  if your hair was to some extent natural blonde, you can go blonde being an adult. However, even if your hair didn’t have any blonde shade, it’s still ok. You only have to be very careful with your skin tone. Remember that pearl or ashier blondes look good on people with cool skin tones, while warm tones look better on people with warm or tanned skin. Don’t care about the eye color - every eye color is great for blonde, there are no exceptions. 

2. Blonde requires lots of procedures and money. Can you afford it all?

Blonde requires much time and great patience. Khloé Kardashian received her famous blond in years, can you imagine that? She was playing with ombré and highlights before dying all of her hair 100% blonde for getting that famous blonde look.

Your hair should be healthy and strong enough to become lighter with each following step. Don’t forget about the moisturizing procedures.

3. Is your hair in good condition?

The damaged hair will only split on the ends or even break. If your hair is damaged by the sun or high temperatures, you’d better not to go blonde until it’s in a better condition. If you want to accelerate the revival process, use BRAE products.