Top Mistakes Made When Bleaching Hair at Home

What can be worse than bleached hair at home which as a result turned not into blonde shade but yellow or even green? It may surprise you but it really happens and quite often. Such a thing may occur even among those who tried to lighten their hair at home many times.

One little mistake can lead to a great disaster. The problem is that using chemicals for bleaching women often forget that this is a very serious action and they should be highly attentive. We prepared 9 major and common mistakes made bleaching hair at home.

Some of them seem to be very simple, but unfortunately, there are still many people who forget about these items or just skip them. So if you decided to lighten your hair at home, read these mistakes and avoid making them:

Starting the process without everything that you need.

Not following the instructions.

Avoiding the test strand step.

Bleaching hair alone.

Leaving the bleach on hair for a long period.

Not using deep condition.

Lightening hair that has already been bleached.

Lightening over-processed hair.

Not using the toner.