Wavy Texture Services & Permanent Wave

What's a permanent wave hair?

That moment when the Internet first saw the demonstration of Bond Angel permanent wave solution, it went positively crazy about it. Indeed, the product seems to nail it. After all, can you imagine getting up in the morning and enjoying a perfectly styled hair right away? Now, you can as with Bond Angel you can just forget about styling your hair for at least 3 days.

It'd be interesting to hear some advice on the best ways of using Bond Angel from experienced salon owners. Today, we’ll share a few tips from certified practitioner working in the wave texture service for 2 years, 1 of which she’s been working with Bond Angel.

Hair stylist Jessy Krowles noted that while the previous product range she’s been using worked fine, she’s much better off since adopting Bond Angel. For one thing, Bond Angel helps her to fix any errors that might pop up during the procedure. Additionally, the effect on the hair turned out to be healthier and long-lasting, as was the case with one of her clients who had a rough hair with a long hair styling history.

Jessy also shared her most effective tips for wrapping the hair:

● if you want to create large waves, use texture tools;
● if you aim at soft curls, use zig zag sections;
● you should always avoid bending;
● use cotton to protect the hair;
● don’t forget to spray water on the hair.

Pro tip: Hair stylist says it works best to work with the texture tools in a certain way. First of all, Jessy towels blot. Next, she paper-towels blot till the tools are completely dry.

Once she is done with the procedure, she shampoos the hair and completes the session with a hair conditioner. To style the hair, Hairstylist uses curl mousse and cream when diffusing which helps to scrunch the curls. She’s also pleasantly surprised that it’s now possible to wash the hair after a permanent wave procedure.