What is the difference between straightening and rebonding?

Unfortunately, nowadays unruly and unmanageable curly or wavy hair is a very common problem. Millions of women do they best to have beautiful plain hair that others have from birth. Today there are two techniques that allow you to transform your hair from curly or wave to straight: rebonding and straightening. A lot of women are confused in case they have to choose one of these techniques because these procedures seem very similar. Although, they yield the same results, rebonding and straightening are various in terms of their effect on your hair. We try to clarify what the differences are in this article.

Hair straightening procedure can be easily tried at home all by yourself. Despite the fact that it is easy to straight hair in a natural way, the majority of women tend to try various cosmetic hair straightening treatments. Many women cannot decide which way is better: Brazilian Bond Builder or hair straightening treatment. It is a very individual question, and you have to make a decision based on your particular case, the type and features of your hair.

Rebonding is far from natural procedure, it is tried in special salons and it takes much time.

The name of rebonding procedure speaks for itself. This process breaks the chemical bonds in hair follicles. It makes your hair straight but damages it along the way. It features strong chemicals that change the structure of your hair. Rebonding provides straight hair until new hair regrows. This procedure requires specialist’s services. It takes around 5-6 hours and lasts, as a rule, for a period of 5-6 months.

So, what are the main differences between these two ways of hair straightening? First of all, as it was noted above, rebonding process means using of chemicals that break chemical bonds inside hair and therefore makes your hair weak and unhealthy. The effect after rebonding procedure is longer than after straightening, but rebonding technique is rather expensive, with prices reaching $100. You can try to undergo hair straightening procedure at home by yourself while rebonding has to be done by a hair specialist in a beauty salon.