Why Platinum Blonde Will Remain the Best Hair Trend for 2018

Platinum blonde is a special level for brave clients and colorists. This nod is ultimate for the cool-girl style.

Such a girl will often come back to your chair to ask for product recommendations buy retail and follow at-home protocol. Being a trend seller, such a girl always wishes to play with products you have been dying in order to experiment with metallic finished or temporary shades changing like heat.

Platinum is especially interesting since it does not have boundaries in the so-called cool factor. Unlike all other color trends, icy blonde is not restricted by the year season. According to this year’s data, age, gender, texture, and length also do not pose any limitations.

Like numerous trends, some to our regret, one of the hottest requests in 2017 is attributed to celebrities. The star surge has gone for lighter and cooler blonde shades with the likes of Adam Levine, Karlie Kloss, and Solange Knowles. In addition, some of the Kardashians and Jenners take the platinum plunge in the course of the year.

One important thing which should be noted is that when hair-color services, technologies, and products continue evolving, the focus on healthy and integrated hair is one of the most important trends which drive business for salons and colorists. According to the data provided by the MODERN SALON’s 2017 PROCESS Hair Integrity Research, a large number of colorists say that their concern number one lies in preventing your hair form any damage. Colorists agree that your hair is most often endangered by extreme changes (34%) and lightening (29%). Both of these factors can be prevented by means of going platinum.    

According to the statistics, 49% of colorists say that they always use bond builders. 94% of the colorists using bond builders claim that the hair is better integrated when using a bond builder then without using it.

The product offers made the yearning go brighter and lighter, and lighteners offer up to nine lift levels, a large choice of toners inclusive of metallic hues as well as a wide range of numerous bond builders. 

When such significant technological advancements in applying safe lightening take place, we think that the platinum boom will not leave us anytime soon. What will only happen is that brands will be more creative and sophisticated in product development.