Will Bond Angel fix damaged hair?

How does Bond Angel work?

Bond Angel was invented to make your hair healthier and stronger. It is an ad-on treatment. Bond Angel restores disulfide sulfur bonds inside your hair. Chemical, mechanical and thermal services can break these bonds. Bond Angel offers you permanent hair protection even after you stop using it. The product was never tested on animals. It does not contain gluten, DEA, phthalates, aldehydes, sulfates and silicone. After the product’s application your hair becomes more elastic and strong. The process of Bond Angel absorption and disulfide sulfur bonds restoration takes only 45 minutes. The treatment provides you amazing results.

How often you should use Bond Angel?

The effect of Bond Angel is constant. It restores the bonds inside your hair permanently after its use. You have to take care of your hair in spite of the fact that its health will improve. Hair bonds can ruin again if your hair is treated by aggressive hot sun, if you bleach or overdry your hair after Bond Angel application. That is why you have to use good shampoos and hair masks. In case of bleaching, you have to get an additional Bond Angel treatment. In this case, the treatment will protect your hair from chemicals used during the coloring process.

Can Bond Angel replace other hair treatment products like hair masks?

Any hair mask is designed to protect your hair from the outside. Bond Angel acts from inside, restoring hair bonds. Good hair care is always required after any treatment. Bond Angel is a supreme hair care product that is more effective than typical hair masks and shampoos. But it does not replace them. Bond Angel treatment does not mean that you can do harmful things to your hair and don’t worry about the damages. You still have to use hair masks and shampoos to protect your hair from blow drying and sun that can ruin hair bonds again. It is a good idea to use masks and shampoos instead of hair conditioners. Conditioners can make your hair soft, but they don’t protect it. You have to use Bond Angel home treatment one time a week to achieve the best results.