Your Hair Dreams Come Alive with Bond Angel

If you've always loved dyeing your hair time after time, chances are they're a bit fried by now. Imagine if you could continuously visit the salon for that perfect dye job and repair all damage along the way? Brae's Bond Angel does exactly that and more! This treatment is what every professional hair color experience promises but fails to provide. Bond Angel drastically improves the texture of each cuticle for the healthiest hair you've ever experienced. Not convinced yet? Find out how Bond Angel works with each treatment step.  

What Does Bond Angel Claim? 

It's important to understand what factors play a role in hair damage before you consider going for Bond Angel. Since the 3-step treatment is used to strengthen each strand inside and out, it's essentially beneficial for chemically treated hair as well as thermal damage. In order to restore any damage that's caused during the chemical  process, Bond Angel will mend and restore any broken disulfide sulfur bonds in the cuticle. With every color process the bonds within each strand becomes weakened during and after. Each step of using Bond Angel allows the bonds to strengthen and ensure vibrant color weeks after you've process your hair 

What Steps are Involved? 

To intensify your hair color and prevent damage, there are 3 different products that helps soften and smooth the cuticle. The first step includes Bond Maker that aids as a chemical protector. This is added into bleach powder or your color developer for a more intense hair color without stripping away from the coloring process. The second step uses Bond Reconstructor to coat each section of hair post color application. This acts as a post-chemical rebuilder to nourish and strengthen the cuticle. The final step locks in the treatment using the Bond Fortifier at home. This step guarantees your hair will stay strong and healthy days after your dye job.  

How Do I Continue Having Flawless Results? 

The worst part about any salon treatment is seeing how your hair looks and feels after the first wash. If you're lucky your hair will continue looking vibrant and silky, but with the Bond Fortifier you can seal in all of the softness weeks after your hair color application. After the first 2 steps are done professionally, the 3rd step is an at-home maintenance  product that keeps your hair from further damage. The system recommends to us the Bond Fortifier twice a week after shampooing. Consider using it as a deep conditioner by leaving it on for 15 minutes and saturate every strand.  

After getting your hair color treated, Bond Angel will help rescue your hair  from every bit of damage that comes with the process. While additional hair care treatments costs time and money, the 3-step system from Brae will give you longer lasting results you've been dying for!